PHONE:  Saint James' spiritual and administrative
headquarters is located in the United States.  It is
staffed totally by volunteers, mostly retired clergy,
academic, and social services professionals.

Our seminary, while small, is world-wide in terms of
educational ministry.  Our Contact Centers are not
located in North America.  

Being a truly global seminary, many our ministers and
service personnel are overseas, as has been the
case for many years.

This means that if you call Saint James by phone,
your message could conceivably be received on
another continent, say South Africa (or Asia, or

While you may be dialing from the convenience of
your office in the middle of the afternoon, your call
would be answerd halfway around the world...except
that it would be the middle of the night there.

Let's say you call a professor at Saint James and
there is a person who is on duty to answer the phone
at that time.  But, the person you are calling can't
really dial you back because, while the call was
received during office hours in
that particular nation,
if would in the middle of the night where
you are!

Please communicate with
Saint James by EMAIL

Thank you.

Please EMAIL US:  Saint James
maintains a professionally-hosted email network.  

TIMING:  When you send an emai, regardless of the
hour, there is a high likelihood that a seminary
representative somewhere in the world will receive
your message.  It may be very late at night where you
are when you send your email but a Saint James
staffer may be just starting his or her day at that time.
And, that person will be able to to begin working on
your email's contents quickly.

So, one reason to use email is that it is a practical
means to have your message opened and read

    Another reason for emailing
    us is that your message can
    be easily forwarded to the
    person for whom it was

As an example, suppose you are located on a remote
Carribbean island and you are trying to reach a
professor in South Korea.  Not only are you on
opposite sides of the
world but you are on "opposite
side of the
clock."  A phone call is impractible.

But, let's us consider that the person you are asking
the person in South Korea to send you file
information from the Registrar's offices, which are
located in Florida, U.S..

Accomplishing all this by phone is Impractical (never
mind cellphone charges!)

And, you might as well forget any thought of using
snail mail!  Items sent from post office to post office
will be lost or stolen in as much as 85% of the under-
developed world.
    Thank you!
    The Saint James Seminary team
Communicating with
the Global
If you need to reach us

To our knowledge, we are the
only college or university that
offers a rapid response
HELP DESK.  Our team
makes every effort to respond
to your inquiry within two
hours (the exception being national holidays, when
we may take a bit longer).  Our goal is to serve you!
Fun Fact about
our Offices
Saint Jame's central ministry
mission offices are located in

But,our global educational/curriculum offices are
located in

What are the chances of that happening?!