Research Studies
and Academic Discoveries
Saint James College Seminary
Here is a listing of both current and archived
research studies that are provided to assist
students currently working on certificate and degree
programs.  They are also made available as a
courtesy for use by the general public.
  • Research performed
    with scientific
  • Written in everyday
    language so as to be
    conveniently used by
    people in today's
    busy, on-the-go world!

    at Saint
College Seminary, Government-
sponsored, United Nations,
Independent Scholarly
Research, College and
University Research, Research
Institute studies.  This Saint
James College service includes
synopses of scholarly articles,
clinical trials, human research,
political/cultural studies and
reports, as well as Review of
Literature Research performed
by our faculty and students.

All research, studies, scholarly
articles, and lay articles selected
for inclusion in our Current
Academic Research and
Archived Scholarly Studies must
meet the following correct
research criteria:

1)  Must be published in a peer
reviewed journal, or reference
academic or other acceptable
research conducted by reputable

studies consistent with a college
seminary program, including
spirituality, ethics, counseling,
pastoral counseling, social work,
women's studies, ordination to
the clergy, certified professional
chaplain training, Hospice
Chaplain training, divinity
degrees, MBA and business
degrees related to pastoral
management or spiritual
program administration
(including non-profits, social
justice, naturopathy-mind-body
science, psychology,
entrepreneurship, culture,
cultural diversity, and related

We include clinical studies at The
Women's College Seminary,
Saint James College Seminary,  
The American Chaplain Training
Institute and all other relevant
research studies conducted by
the many highly-regarded
universities and colleges in the
United States, Canada, and