Please select from the following list to ensure that your
message reaches the proper person or department

Email:  Contact Saint James College Administration

Saint James College Seminary receives well over a thousand emails daily so we
ask that you be patient as you await a response from our end.  We try to answer on the same day
that inquiries are made but our staff, faculty, and administration folks are often on the road for out-of-
town meetings and seminars...or even visiting our programs that are located outside the U.S.
    We make every effort to respond to emails as
    quickly as possible.


PHONING:  863-441-3000.   However, instead of phoning, we
recommend that you write to us by email.  Why?  Being an online
college with faculty in various countries and cities.  Emailing vastly
shortens the time you will have to wait for a response.  

It is much more efficient to forward your email across the nation or
around the globe to the person who needs to respond to you than it is
to try forwarding a telephone voice mail message
.  We appreciate your


If you must call, the number for U.S. administrative offices is 863-441-3000.  


    Our students come from
    throughout the world

    Being an international online
    school, we have faculty and
    administrative offices in nations
    other than the U.S.  While it may
    be business hours where you are
    calling from, there is a good
    chance that the U.S. administrative
    office you are trying to reach is
    closed -- it may be four in the
    morning here!  

By emailing, our after-hours on-call person can easily forward your message to the correct person,
whereever she or he may be located.  This, of course, makes it easier for us and


Thank you for your consideration -- and we look forward to hearing from you
by whatever means you choose!
Saint James College Seminary
    ENROLLED STUDENTS:  Please send your homework
    assignments to your professor at the email address that he
    or she provides.  Thank you!
Please give us enough detail to permit the
College personnel to be able to
understand why you are writing and what
they can do to assist you.  For example, if
you are inquiring about our Certified
Professional Chaplain, Ordination,
Certified Griefworker, MBA, Counseling,
Divinity  or MSW degrees, it will be helpful
if you describe these interests in your
initial message.