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  • Does childhood environment impact adults' lives?
  • Listening Skills and Pitfalls
  • Communication as a pivotal "life force"
  • Invite God to think with you - invitation to inspiration
  • We are meant to be happy
  • When you are unhappy, something has gone wrong
  • Say what you mean...and say it effectively
  • Painful circumstances as addictions - beating them
  • Addictions - drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, sexual, etc.
  • When the addictions of loved ones wreck your tranquility
  • Goals for today, tomorrow, next year, and forever
  • Medical conditions that effect emotional serenity
  • Emotional conditions that effect physical normalcy
  • God - what is God?
  • Does God intervene in my life?
  • Spiritual beliefs - effect of religion
  • Life without religion
  • Searching for meaning
  • Prayer-meditation
  • Dreams, "God's Forgotten Language" - John Sanford studies
  • Unless ye be like little children
  • Edison's view of when to worry
  • Goals for a happy life as you define it
  • A look at your lifestyle today - and what you want it to be
  • Discovering your own power and using it productively
  • Too many candles - less is more
  • What is Mind-Body Science and why does it matter?
  • Finding peace in a warlike world
  • The kids are driving me nuts
  • My spouse is driving me nuts
  • My job is driving me nuts
  • Abuse - effects old abuse and newer abuse
  • Healing abuse
  • Learn to be playful again
  • The awesome powrer of amazement - Fr. John Gormley
  • Finding an awesome flower in a junk yard
  • People who have influenced you
  • Go with the winners
  • Cultural diversity and you
  • Divorce and separation
  • Life's passages
  • Commitments
  • When to rethink or break commitments
  • Truth and "little white lies"
  • Grief - Bereavement
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • A look at friendships
  • Picking safe friends and lovers
  • Identifying and avoiding misogynist's
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • Looking at stress - stress management
  • Boundaries - too weak, too strong, and how to balance them
  • Living Fully - the Bucket List concept
  • Coping - surviving
  • Feelings - out of control
  • Feelings - managing them, creating pleasing ones
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Love - what is this thing that we all want?
  • Healthy love
  • Finding external loving relationships
  • Confidence in others and institutions - how to develop
  • Self-confidence
  • Learning how to love the good things about yourself
  • Codependence won't buy you love
  • Trust issues
  • Prejudice/bias and how they influence your life
  • The negative influences in your life
  • An exploration of how others' ethical lapses effect you
  • The delicate art of Forgiveness
  • Getting help for medical-related distress
  • Getting help for emotional distress
  • Getting actual, effective, help for spiritual distress
  • Loneliness - steps and solutions
  • Finding joy in spite of handicaps and disabilities
And more!
Your Best Life University's Better Living Program*

Here is a collection of transformative
topics joyously hand-picked from
lessons in our Chaplain, Ordination,
Social Work, Counseling, and Life-Coach
programs.  All are presented in
convenient "digest" format.   
Designed for those who seek success-enhancing
"upgrades" in their everyday lives but who cannot  
enroll in comprehensive college courses!  This series
contains power-packed inspirational paragraphs.  Ideal
for studying and pondering ... or for use as uplifting
daily meditations!
If the pope
can be
joyful, why
*  Your Best Life University is, of
course, not an actual university.  
Rather, this is a name that students
suggested for our inspiring collection
of daily thoughts and motivational ideas