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Degree Tuition Costs and Fee Schedule

The old saying "You get
what you pay for" certainly
applies to students working
toward college degrees.

Upscale Ivy League
universities charge a lot
more than smaller colleges,
often for the same basic
education. But, a degree
from an Ivy League
university can result in a
better job and a higher
lifetime earning potential.
Normally, lower tuitions
equal lower academic
standards and less
actual value for our

Saint James College
Seminary is a notable
exception. Our not-for-profit college is owned by the positive-thinking inter-faith
denomination, The Love Church Worldwide communion.  This helps keep our -
costs considerably lower than free-standing colleges and universities.  Our expenses are
much lower than  for-profit or bricks-and-mortar colleges and universities tend to be and
we pass these savings on to you!


    We aim to offer the Lowest Tuition
    of Any American College while
    continuing to provide a World Class

    We understand that you would like to
    know how much certain degree studies
    will cost. If you had no academic
    studies at all in your background (and
    little or no professional experience in
    your field of choice), our tuitions would
    run quite parallel with other colleges
    and universities. It is very expensive
    maintaining bricks and
mortar facilities and it is also expensive to operate a school conferring online college
degrees.  Costs must include paying professors, grading papers, paying office staff
to process records, technology and postal expenses, etc.

Our charter, however, permits us to grant credit for life experience and previous
learning experience up to 50% of the credit hours required for the online degree or
certificate being sought.  This includes online ordination and online Chaplain
studies. These factors can significantly reduce the number of actual courses you
may have to take at Saint James College Seminary since, unlike most other schools,
we do not profit from requiring you to repeat class work you completed elsewhere.
This brings the tuition costs down, often considerably. You are charged only for the
courses you actually need to take here at Saint James College Seminary.



ASSOCIATES DEGREE - According to The College Board, a two-year associates
degree can cost $10,458 through the community college system. (As an example,
Indian River Community College in Ft. Pierce, FL, charges $9,703 for Florida
residents getting a two-year degree, and $14,980 for a two-year degree obtained by
non-resident students.)

If you bring significant real-life work experience and some previous college credits to
Saint James College Seminary, you may be able to obtain your associates degree
here for as little at $750. (An incoming student with no real-life work experience and
no previously-earned college credits may expect the tuition to earn an associates
degree here to cost about $2,800.)

BACHELOR'S DEGREE - The College Board reports that, currently, 4-years' tuition,
books and supplies and fees at a private four-year colleges can cost $35,000 or
    more yearly in tuition and fees. The same degree
    at a private college can cost as
    much as a whopping $80,000.

    If you bring significant real-life work experience and
    some previous college credits to
    Saint James College Seminary, you may be able to
    obtain your bachelors degree
    here for as little as $1250.

    MASTERS DEGREE  - A masters degree can cost
    about $35,000-$60,000 for the
    average two years of required study at a public
college or university.  As just one random example, it costs $52,000 for two-years at the
University of Chicago.

If you bring significant real-life work experience and some previous college credits to
Saint James College Seminary, you may be able to obtain your masters degree here
for at little as $$4,500 - $9,000.  We simply will not charge you to re-take classes
that you may have completed elsewhere during your lifetime.

DOCTORATE DEGREE - A doctorate degree can
cost about $45,000 to $80,000 at many colleges
and universities.  For example, at Harvard, a PhD
from Arts and Sciences costs Ph.D. candidates
in the arts and sciences were required to pay the
full $68,000 for the first two years of study, with a
tuition reduction for the last two of the required four years.   This is estimated to bring the
Phd total to roughly $100,000 at Harvard.

Harvard is a fabulous university, of course, and
while we are clearly not Harvard, If you bring
significant real-life work experience and previous college credits to Saint James College
Seminary6, you may be able to obtain your doctorate degree (in divinity, pastoral
management, pastoral counseling, etc.) here for as little as $5,000 - $9,500.

No Tuition Increase Guarantee

As a not-for-profit college seminary, we strive to offer world-class education and to
consolidate previously-earned credits into one solid program with predictable and
affordable costs so that you can earn your degree as an adult student.

Even if our tuition costs change with varying economic conditions, students entering
a program at a quoted rate will not be subject to any tuition increases for a period of
two-years from the time of their initial registration.
      --Prepared by Lauren Speeth, PhD

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