Here you won't be
led by men
Women's Studies.
No more blind
leading the blind!
A college for us!
All ages, races,
religions, and
nationalities are
welcome at The
Women's College!

Astoundingly, a full 45% of the professors  
at "Women's Colleges" are men!

    The Women's College is a premiere institution of
    higher education that is run by women, for
    women, and whose curricula are 100% directed
    toward women's perspectives on the issues of
    our times.

    Join the growing trend!  57% of all college
    students are women! Earn your online degree at
    The Women's College.

    Today, although 57% of all college students are
    women, men still control as much as 90% of the
    nation's policy-making!  While we are not
    rampant feminists, surveys show that, across the
    board, women believe that the time for change
    has arrived.  We hope that The Women's College
    will be a perfect fit for you!

    We invite you to visit our entire website at The Women's College as this page   
    presents only a brief glance at the offerings of this one-of-a-kind school.
The Women's College and our sister school, Saint James College, are educational
seminary colleges which, although owned by
The Love Church Worldwide, are
non-denominational, interfaith, inclusive, and welcoming to women