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2013 -

is posted on the LOWER HALF
Yahoo breakdown impacts Saint James EMAIL

YAHOO restores their email service

    Saint James EMAIL
    system now back in
    full service.

    Thank you for your


    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has posted an apology for the nearly week-long
    malfunctions in their email system that affected customers for several days
    beginning on December 9th.

    CEO Mayer has publicly confirmed that the company experienced a “major
    outage”.  However, the Yahoo leader declined to provide any specific details
    about the hardware outage that "crippled the Yahoo Mail experience for

    (Saint James is a commercial user, contracting with Yahoo to provide
    server technology to operate our seminary's email system.  We were
    profoundly impacted by the Yahoo malfunction.")

    “Some of the affected users were unable to access their
    accounts, instead seeing an outdated ‘scheduled
    maintenance’ page, which was a confusing and incorrect
    message (this has since been corrected and updated),”
    Mayer stated. “Further, messages sent to those accounts
    during this time were not delivered, but held in a queue.”

    Although Yahoo's chief executive says that, Yahoo “really let you down this

    The firm did not effectively communicate with affected users.  In addition, there
    was a long delay in even acknowledging the problem.


    Daily Radio Programing...News of Religion...and listen to World News
    on demand from Saint James College Seminary's Center for
    Community Broadcasting

    The historically significant Daily Religion News service here at Saint James
    has expanded into the digital age.  Our Center for Community Broadcasting
    has initiated what we believe to be the world's first online college-initiated
    audio version of daily religion news.  The program originates in the studios of
    our Wings Radio Network and features a digest of the most important news
    impacting individuals, communities, and entire nations.

    An inspiring Thought for the Day is included in each broadcast.

    Additionally, listeners can now check out the current secular stories from
    around the world on Wings World Services' presentation of Feature Story


    Inspite of  climate change, wars, revolutions, economic woes, increasing
    family woes, and astounding lack of altruistic leadership in the world's
    institutions, it is possible to carve out islands of relative peace, joy, love,
    and security.

    Saint James College Seminary's professors, department heads,
    researchers, and deans offer weekly seminars on a variety of topics
    aimed at exploring and triumphing over the most worrisome realities of
    the present millennium.   We explore domestic abuse, government
    intrusion into civilians' lives, global financial mismanagement, the decreasing
    role of religion, need to reinvent public education, ensuring that medical
    advances apply equitably, growing homelessness, environmental
    degradation, emergence of women, and other pivotal issues.

    While these topics pertain to imposing negatives present in today's world,
    we avoid taking a doom and gloom approach.  Instead, our world-class
    experts examine very real options for triumphing over these dark realities.

    The at-large academic community is welcome to participate in our 2013-2014
    seminar series.  The general public is also invited to join in via our
    convenient WEBINAR podcast service.

    Please refer to our HOME page for titles, dates, times, and free links.
Saint James

is a highly
and popular
member of the Saint
Jamesadministrative /
teaching team.  Dr. Beukes
serves as Dean of
International Studies based
in South Africa.

Reverend Dr. Beukes'  
portfolio includes
extensive academic

1) PhD in Religion, EITS -
Religious Degree

2)  Doctor of Business
Administration  NWMDIU

3) MBA, NGO & Ethical
Program Management, )
(Cum Laude Honours)

4) Diploma: Human
Resources, ALISON )

5) Diploma: Workplace
Safety and Health, ALISON

6) Diploma: Operations
Management, ALISON

Diplomas and Certificates

7)  Fundamentals of Project
Management, ALISON

8) TESOL Teaching
English: ITTT (International
Teacher Training)

9) Security Management,
Chamdor Security Training

10) Diploma: International
Trade, WWT, UK

11) Time Management,
Trinity University & College  

12) Personal Development,
Trinity University & College  

13) Personal Effectiveness,
Trinity University & College  

    Professor Beukes is
also an ordained minister.

Dean Beukes resides in
South Africa with his wife.  
The couple's daughter lives
in the United Kingdom and
has just made Beukes and
his wife grandparents.  

Please join us in welcoming
Dr. Beukes to your
acadamic team!

Thursday, February 6
One-half of the Spring Term
full-tuition charge will be
canceled for students who
withdraw Saint James on or
before this date or who are
granted a medical leave of
absence effective on or
before this date.

Friday, February 14
Seminar on the aspects
of loving effectively.  Free to
Saint James
community.Others welcome
via international broadcast on
Saint James Radio and TV

Friday, March 7
Spring Recess begins, 5:00
pm Eastern Time

Monday, March 24
Classes resume, 9:00
am.Eastern Time

Monday, April 14
Final day for receipt of
student applications for
summer local and long-
distance internships and

Wednesday, April 30
Local classes and field
studies end, 5:00 pm.  
Distance Learning continues

Thursday, May 1
Distance Learning students
who are required to take final
examinations begin.
Available online

Thursday, May 2
Final day to submit
Practicum and Internship
Progress Reports.

Thursday, May 8
Oral Performance
Assessments for
international students in
CPE Chaplaincy  Program

Sunday, May 18
Convocation transitioning
from Spring to Summer
Semesters.  Exploration of
both Saint James and
student's goals for
immediate future.  Distance
learning students may
participate online

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Dean Beukes' duties temporarily handled by colleagues. Due to an unexpected family emergency, Dr. Beukes' students will have a substitute faculty through Friday, April 4th.