in our online
Fast-Track Seminary
Program -- Comfortably
and Inexpensively!
We are proud to have the esteemed Janice
Learman chair the Department of Counseling and
M.S.W. from the University of Buffalo, later went on
to earn a PhD, and obtained her state certified
Task Force on  homelessness, has been a Board
Member of Benedict House for HIV positive patients,
served on the transplant committee at Strong
Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., did Family
Caregiving Training at Catholic Charities, and holds


* Your MSW degree can be in in one of several
seminary majors.  Examples include:
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Pastoral Counseling
  • Master of Parish Management
  • Master of Chaplain Ministry
  • Master of NGO / Mission Outreach / Development

Social Work and Spiritual Program Administration...or...
Social Work and Mind-Body-Spirit.  Minors can include
Family / Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Mental
Health Counseling, Psychiatric therapy, or Basic
Hypnotherapy Theory.

*  You may earn a Degree or a Professional Certificate

*  NON-DEGREE CERTIFICATION is also available in the   
areas of hypnosis, stress management, geriatric mental
health, Schizophrenic and Bipolar Disorder Caregiving and
Management, Grief and Bereavement, Death and Dying.

* Your Professor Will Be Janice A. Learman, M.S.W., Ph.D.


    ALL previous college / university credits will be

    great deal of difficulty transferring these fully-legitimate-
    but-old college credits into new educational programs.
    Unlike most colleges and universities, Saint James College
    routinely accepts all documented academic credits that
    you have earned previously at other institutions of higher
    education. This is true even for credit hours earned many
    years in the past.  As an example, if your credits were
    earned ten years ago, most schools require that you re-
    take large numbers of courses when you enroll in their
    programs. Naturally, this brings in tidy amounts of extra
    income for them. But, with Saint James College, we do not
    require you to retake previously-completed courses as a
    means of generating profits for our

    How long will it take me
    to earn my spiritually-
    oriented Masters degree?

    Not long at all for well-qualified applicants.  If you bring
    only limited pre-existing graduate-level college credit and if
    your "real-life experience" is limited in scope, it could take
    from one to two years of self-paced study. However,
    students with a bachelors degree (or with some graduate-
    level college credits or CEUs) coupled with a strong
    background in "real life experience," find it possible to
    complete their studies in several months.

    We are not a diploma mill but, sadly, the internet is
    plagued with many scams trying to separate you and your
    money!  At Saint Jams College Seminary, you must study
    and complete courses, or you must have the necessary
    background to enter our Adult Learner our Fast-Track
    Program©.  If you are a qualified applicant and if you
    invest the appropriate amount of time in our online
    distance-learning program, you may complete your degree
    as least as fast as (and possibly faster) than at many
    other schools. Each student works at a different pace, so
    it is up to you how quickly you can complete your studies.  

    Will you require a master's thesis?

    Yes -- or a project alternative.  Many students love to do
    research and are proficient writers.  These people and
    prefer completing this requirement by producing a
    traditional master's thesis.   However, we also offer
    masters students the opportunity to develop a project in
    lieu of a thesis.

    If you are involved in the creation of a new program at
    your work...have participated in adding a new service...or,
    perhaps, are leading a unique outreach effort, you may
    well be able to write up a professional report that will
    satisfy this aspect of your academic work here.  We do this
    because, frankly, even the best theses tend to gather dust
    on a bookshelf (sadly) whereas a project provides an
    actual real-time benefit to the community.


    Saint James College Seminary offers masters degrees
    both in Counseling and Social Work.  In keeping with our
    mission as a seminary, each has a an ethical/spiritual

    We confer masters degrees both in Counseling and
    Social Work with majors in Spiritual Program
    Administration and Mind-Body-Spirit. We are proud to
    have as a member of our staff the esteemed Janice A.
    Learman. Professor Learman received her M.S.W. from
    the University of Buffalo, later went on to earn a PhD, and
    obtained her state certified social worker license.  She
    was appointed to the  Task Force on Homelessness,
    has been a Board Member of Benedict House for HIV
    positve patients, served on the transplant committee at
    Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., did Family
    Caregiving Training at Catholic Charities, and holds
    membership in the National Association of Social
    Workers,American Association of Nephrology Social

    Dr. Learman served in
    administrative leadership
    positions overseeing a series
    of New York State family care
    facilities.  She also supervised
    a geriatric care program for
    Catholic Charities, and
    coordinated regional
    assessment and planning at
    the Rochester Psychiatric

    Learman's extensive background also includes conducting
    workshops and training for women,geriatrics, chronic and
    acute medically ill as well as seriously and persistently
    mentally ill adults. She also has an extensive background in
    grief work in the Buffalo Center for Bereavement, and served
    as a social worker in Legal Services. Her wide-ranging career
    also includes child protection and foster care.           

    Today, Dr. Learman serves as a victim assistance
    investigator throughout the southern United States as well as
    an active board member for the Collective For Orphan Care
    and Education (COCE).

It is often a fact of life for
mid-career adult students
that their previous college
experience occurred in the
somewhat distant past,
frequently a considerable
number of years ago. It is
not unusual for Adult
learners to have a

A Caveat

As we explain on our Charter and Accreditation page, we
are a seminary college as opposed to a secularly-
accredited school.  While our degrees are fully legitimte
and are academically sound, regional accreditation would
result in our faculty and tuition would increasing the online
Fast-Track Adult Learner tuitions from a typical $5000 to
an estimated $50,000 or more!

Regional accreditation is required for state licensure.  
You must "do your homework" and decide whether or not
you require a license in your chosen field.  Typically, these
would include licensed certified social workers or
state-licensed teachers.  Please understand that it is not
the intent of our seminary programs to prepare or
authorize graduates to go on to achieve state licensing
using our degree as the qualifier. Our program is solely
designed to provide additional spiritual and/or clinical skills,
pastoral care qualifications.  We strive  to introduce
candidates to new service modalities, and in cases not
linked to licensing, perhaps to enhance prospects for
career advancement.
Saint James
designed to
help you get
your life on a
new track!

What's Required for
an Masters Degree at
Saint James College

1. 60 credit hours are required
for a Masters Degree

2. Possession of a bachelors
degree is normally a
prerequisite.  However, as is a
trend today within academia, it
is often possible to enroll in a
program that leads to both a
bachelors and masters degree
If such a combined studies
option appeals to you and your
situation, we are occasionally
able to offer highly-experienced
adult learners the option of
obtaining a masters without first
earning a bachelors degree.  
This is, however, contingent on  
the student possessing
adequate non-degree
academic training and
significant real-life work
experience. In this situation, you
may be eligible for our "Real
Life Experience Fast Track

Here, we are able to
consolidate previously-earned
undergraduate and graduate
credits and combining them
with real-life career experience.  
We look at this in further detail

3. Your background should
typically be in the same
discipline in which you are
seeking your masters. For
example, candidates for a
Master of Pastoral Counseling
degree should bring to our
program academic experience
in a closely-related discipline
such as substance abuse
counselor, woman's shelter or
women's services worker,
counseling, psychotherapy,
psychology, social work, elder
care, Hospice,, or human
services background in a
closely-aligned field.

4. A portion of the 60 credit
hours required for a Masters
degree may include transfer
credits from earlier study (or
equivalent CEU credits) earned
at a previous college or
university. Alternatively, this
option may be met by  "real-life
experience" of candidates who
have participated in a related
field that the faculty recognizes
as equivalent to an internship or
practicum. For example, a
candidate for a Masters in the
area of Spiritual Life / Stress
Management could show
having previously earned credit
hours related academic field or
had professional employment
in an under-served area, a
family practice clinic, a pain
management practice,
mind/body/spirit-oriented chiropractic
office, or professional licensed social

5. You May Choose between a
Thesis or Other Approved

NOTE: Under exceptional
circumstances, the faculty has
the authority to deem that
service previously-completed
by individual students may
satisfy theses or project