for Adult
in any nation, social
or political
"You can judge a nation by
how they treat animals"
                   -- Ghandi
Increasingly, people are
beginning to Noah’s Ark runs
a pet-food drive, supports a
no-kill rescue, brings pets to
visit the sick and infirm, and
hosts a grief group for those
who have lost a pet.

“We actually have Bible study
and discuss passages that
are animal related,” Mr.
Flotron said. “We make that
our foundation.”

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In a culture obsessed with
dogs, dog whisperers and
domestic pets of all kinds,
religious groups are paying
attention, too. Many
megachurches, where
members often meet in
smaller affinity groups, are
sponsoring groups for pet
lovers. In 2007, the Humane
Society of the United States
hired a liaison to religious
communities, and next month
its Web site will start a
directory of affiliated
ministries. In seminaries and
divinity schools, the study of
animals and religion is

“Animal ministries are in
every state,” said Christine
Gutleben, the Humane Society’
s first director of faith
outreach, “and they do
everything, including pet food
in traditional food drives, to
donating to local shelters,
designating church grounds
as animal sanctuaries, hosting
adoption events, printing
animals for adoption in
church bulletins.”
Wherever you travel or live on
earth, Global Saint James'
international programs offer
exciting educational options.  
We serve talented men and
women who are motivated to
improve  their own lives...their
communities...and their

1)  Business administration and Government:  
  • Preparing to face contemporary and future challenges:  Our
    mission is to assist individuals and institutions in understanding issues
    and emergent concerns currently facing the global community.  With a
    worldwide reach and engagement, Saint James College Seminary offers
    interdisciplinary training that prepares students to address the practical
    international challenges of the 21st Century.  Students from anywhere in
    the world may enroll and avail themselves of any course or major in the
    college seminary.  
  • Our curricula and research opportunities are  interdisciplinary in nature
    with appropriate courses selected from among Saint James College
    Seminary's overall academic offerings.  For example, those interested in
    international development and foreign business management may find
    MBA courses in administration and the importance of partnering with
    local governments and institutions to be helpful.  
    Being a seminary college,
    our students will be taught
    the important of creating
    international jobs that
    reflect not only on the
    corporation's bottom line
    but also provide sustainable
    economic development.  
    Our goal is to train
    graduates to enter the world marketplace with a determination to invest
    in and establish businesses  that will help elevate local communities out
    of poverty and create an atmosphere dignity, human rights, and
    opportunities for future advancement.  This program does not teach
    international entrepreneurs how to open sweat shops designed to exploit
    cheap local labor.

    Michelle Bachelet, M.D., Under-
    Secretary-General and Executive
    Director of UN Women.  Speaking
    at the UN, Director Bachelet said
    that  both governmental and
    private institutions must ensure
    that their policies effectively
    monitor and correct women’s
    rights violations.  Her prescription
    should not be limited only to
    women, however, but should be employed to foster equality, the right to
    self-determination, dignity, safety, security, and happiness for all of the
    world's people

    "If these institutions are not in place and functioning, it sends a message
    to women that their citizenship rights are weaker than those of men, and
    indeed that their rights to security, to fair pay, or to property are
    subordinated to men’s rights. If women cannot hold government
    accountable for promoting gender equality then women’s citizenship is
    on fragile foundations."  Dr. Bachelet added, "Full and true participation
    is not possible unless there is equality in everyday life. This extends not
    only to gender equality but to the need to address vast economic
    disparities as well — which pose extremely serious threats to democracy."

    Students in The Love Church Worldwide's Global programs can be
    either women or men.  The rights and opportunities detailed by Dr.
    Bachelet are taught to our seminary students and feature the
    importance of political, corporate, and social equality in any and all
    nations in which they may work and live.  All in the context of a respected

    2)  International Relations:   Global Saint James students pursuing
    interests in ethical international relations studies begin their programs by
    developing a comprehensive view of the preeminent issues currently
    being confronted by the world community.  Thus grounded in the
    understanding the overriding issues being faced by the world's political,
    social, commercial, and
    social leaders, students begin an
    analytical phase.  Students analyze
    global and regional economic
    circumstances, development status
    and prospects, role of religion,
    environmental concerns, political
    landscape, investment landscape
    and, sadly, develop a pragmatic
    view of war, peace, and social stability  issues.  
    Students have the option of helping to design the particulars of their own
    curriculum characteristics, including the choice of elective courses from
    throughout the full spectrum of the college.  This can include
    environmental resources, human rights and social organization, women's
    role in society, local taxation circumstances, rights of assembly and free
    speech, current educational opportunities, the openness of the political
    and religious sectors to development.  

    3) Charity and NGO Studies:  Those interested in NGO management
    may find MBA courses in
    non-profit administration
    and partnering with local
    governments and
    institutions helpful. Students
    in our NGO studies program
    will learn the realities of
    developing relevant,
    politically acceptable, and
    fundable organizations in
    widely-varied world
    environments.  Our
    graduates will carry with
    them the ethical and spiritual commitment to develop programs that truly
    improve the quality of life for recipients of their services.  Inasmuch as
    each NGO is created to work in a context consistent with its founders'
    vision, there are almost unlimited possibilities for graduates to pursue.   

    Some options include:  

  • Environmental concerns, resource management,
    global warming, habitat protection, development
    of sustainable agriculture and food production, etc.
  • Administrative and Financial Management,
    Fund raising and financial management and
  • Women's  and other minority rights and freedom
    to participate equally at all levels of society,
    including social, educational, political, criminal
    justice, and economic.
  • Networking with local business (industry, mining, forest product
    exploitation, etc.), existing NGO programs, and willing local governmental
  • Religious denominational, local church, or
    mission administration
  • Community development
  • Inter-cultural and cross-cultural involvement

    4)  Mission and Ministry:  Inasmuch as we are a seminary college, all of
    our majors and individual courses contain
    an element of spiritual ethics.  For millennia,
    powerful forces have exploited indigenous
    populations and regional resources with little
    or no concern for the fact that these are
    "guest" enterprises.  It is totally immoral to
    employ the services of local workers, to impair or destroy their homes
    and food sources, to corrupt their
    governments, and to exploit whatever
    strong a resources are being sought
    after by the outside powers seeking their
    own personal gain.  All students in
    Global Saint James programs are
    enrolled in seminary studies.  Although
    we are a Saint James College Seminary
    is an educational division of the
    interfaith, non-denominational Love
    Church Worldwide, each and every one
    of our lessons is imbued with essential
    elements of spiritual ethics.  In the
    Mission and Ministry section particularly,
    students are offered studies in historical
    theology, preaching and public speaking, counseling and social work,
    education, as well as an in-depth exploration of the often-challenging
    reality of working in nations where political, legal, and military realities
    may be quite different from those you are accustomed to at home.  You
    may be ordained to serve as a minister as a part of your studies in
    this program.  medical and social mission work, missionary education,
    missionary aviation, emergency services, legal and political aspects of
    working in other countries, and preparation for ordination

Tuitions are based on your local currency
Study in your home nation!

Many excellent American colleges and
universities offer programs which provide
opportunities for American students to study
abroad.  Our emphasize is the opposite,
however, as
we accommodate students
outside the U.S. to earn certificates and
degrees in their own nations.

This policy was adopted by our board of trustees as a means of assisting the
frequent applications of adult learners living across the globe.

  • Many nations have emerging economies and, except for the very wealthy,
    paying tuitions on a par with the U.S. dollar presents an enormous - if not
    impossible - burden.  Therefore, we calculate tuitions based on the
    amount you would pay if you were enrolling in a local school.  And, we are
    able to offer you interest-free tuition financing
  • You will study completely online -- all lessons will be sent by email
  • You will have a live faculty member to assist you with each lesson  .  
Four Options:

1.  Business, Administration,
, Government

2.  International Relations

3.  Charity and NGO

4.  Mission and Ministry

Saint James College Seminary