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    How A
    Job Differs
    from Other
    The Pastor’
    s Bosses –
    The Board
    When The
    Board Tells
    You What to
    Believe and
PGMT104- Happy and Unhappy Congregations
PGMT105- Having to Preach Against Your Personal
PGMT106- When Your Own Faith Weakens
PGMT107- When Your Godliness Slips Due to Human
PGMT108- To Create Many New Programs or Build
Existing Ones
PGMT109- Sermons – Sweet, Simple, Effective
PGMT110- Sermons – Talk Down, But With Drama
PGMT111- Sermon Traps – Things You Must Avoid!  
PGMT112- Kiddie Sermons
PGMT113- Guest Preachers (Including Staff and
PGMT114- Special Non-Sabbath Services
PGMT115- Sunday School – A Second Look
PGMT116- Adult Sunday School Counseling Alternative
PGMT117- Pastor’s “Theology School” – Bible Study on
PGMT118- What Is Faith, and Why Does It Matter?
PGMT119- Earthly Happiness vs. Heavenly Reward
PGMT120- When Churches Isolate Parishioners
PGMT121- So Many Churches, All Claiming to Have The
PGMT122- The Trinity – Fact or Metaphor?
PGMT123- God/Jesus Made Sense in the Past – But
How About Today?
PGMT124- Bad, Really Bad Clergy – (T-Burg, Sheen, Br.
PGMT125- The Apocrypha – Thomas Gospel, etc.
PGMT126- The God of Love and Job
PGMT127- Is Jesus Really God?  Perspective of
Christians and Others
PGMT128- Using Church Facilities for Human Healing
PGMT129- How The Bible Impacts Our Secular Life
PGMT130- Start a Bible Study – With Only Positive
"BUSINESS" must no
longer be a Dirty Word
for churches and spiritual
services organizations!

Most ministers, priests, and rabbis,
entered the ministry in order to help
people....  If we had wanted to be
managers, CEO's, or accountants, we
would have pursued those career
paths instead!

However, fiscal management is
important -- although most parish
financial authority is help by the
trustees, the deacons, the district
office, or the bishop's headquarters
(Chancery).  Even so, if the parish
budget is in disarray, guess who is
going the be facing some stern questions from higher authority -- and we do not mean
God, in this case!

We offer some basic financial accountability lessons.  But, even more importantly,
OUR CERTIFIED PASTORAL MANAGEMENT program teaches pastors how to
work effectively with people.  This includes those who hold authority over your
church or synagogue...your peers...and those over whom you have supervisory
authority and responsibility.

Below, we offer a look at the entire curriculum for this ever-more-popular and
essential program.  The first cluster is comprised of core online Fast-Track courses
whereas the second grouping represents electives which include lessons from our
School of Business Administration, which specializes in the management of spiritual
institutions.  From this list, you would select ten lessons that you believe would be
helpful to you in your professional circumstances.

TUITION:  The tuition cost for
this program is $1,200.  We offer
a tuition payment financing
program at Zero Percent Interest.
No one will be turned away!
BA Module 302 - CORPORATIONS - Basics
BA Module 303 - CONTRACTS - Basics
BA Module 304 - Negotiating Basics
BA Module 305 – Negotiation – Business
BA307 – Global Changes That’ll Affect You – 1
BA308 - Global Changes – Lesson 2
BA309 – Listening Techniques for the Manager
BA310 – Information Technology – J. Clark
BA311 – Client Confidentiality
BA312 – Competitive Advantages
BA313 – Competitive Disadvantages
BA314 – The non-buying “Customer”
BA315 – Marketing on a Budget
BA3sx – Signs – Useful and Un-useful
BA316 – Are You an Entrepreneur?
BA316 – Leadership – An Introduction
BA327 – Leadership – more
BA328 -  Evaluations
BA329 – Coaching and Counseling
BA330 -  For-Profit and Non-Profit Enterprises
BA331 – Strictly Charitable and Fund-Raising
BA332 – Intro to Non-Governmental Organizations
BA333 – Examples of Why We Have NGO’s
and The Niche They Fill
BA334 – A Pleasurable or “Hobby” Enterprise Must
Be Fiscally Effective
SCM215 – An Ethical Dilemma – Perinatal ( from
our seminary)
SCM216 – Absolute Power – Ethics
SCM237 – Say What You Mean
SCM348 – Stress Assessment Tool
BA000x – What’s in a Name?
SCM349 – Boundaries – Where Do I End and
Where Do You         Begin?
SCM106 - Who Influenced You, Lesson 1
SCM106 - Self Care, Lesson 2
SCM213 - Charting Your Career -- A Look Ahead
SCM228 - Starting an Enterprise
BA323 --   Who is your Customer?  Internal
BA324  --  Who is your Customer?  The “Patient
Family Factor”
GRC229 – The Bucket List – Live Fully Before Dying
GRC348 – Peer Support – Employee Burnout
GRC351 - Practicum
at a Glance