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Job Title:    Teaching Assistants (TA's) / Tutors, Volunteers, and Interns  

Job Status:
 Independent Contractor

Department:    Academics / Student Services

Reports to:  Administration / Office of the Chancellor / Dean of the College

Job Type:    Freelance Teaching para-professional staff assistants. Full or Part-Time - may develop
your own working schedule

Job Family:    Academics    

Job Description:    This is an independent contractor opportunity with a rapidly-growing non-
denominational interfaith college seminary program that has been experiencing a rapidly expanding
volume of inquiries and applications from prospective students.

Teaching assistants / tutors / interns typically are graduate students enrolled at Saint James or other
institution of higher education, serving under temporary contracts. North American graduate TA
positions provide funding for postgraduate research - although the main purpose is to provide
teaching support - and it often serves as a first career step for aspiring academics.[3] TA
responsibilities vary greatly and may include: tutoring; holding office hours; invigilating tests or exams;
and assisting a professor with a large lecture class by teaching students in recitation, laboratory, or
discussion sessions. Professors may also use their teaching assistants to help teach discussions
during regular class. This gives the graduate student opportunity to use their teaching skills, as many
are in pursuit of teaching careers

Successful contractor will  be responsible for teaching curricula being offered by Saint James.  Will
utilize teaching materials / written lessons provided by the seminary.  Will send students their lessons
by email, will review knowledge assessment testing materials sent back to the adjunct, will provide brief
relevant feedback to students, and will send the subsequent lessons in students' curricula.  This will
be achieved through email attachments of documents provided by the seminary's
administrative/academic team.  

Adjunct teaching contractor may opt to answer follow-up lesson questions and comments from
individual applicants through use of email and/or phone calls at his or her discretion.  Person(s)
retained will also track status of applicants' progress through their curricula through the
enrollment period and will demonstrate accountability as a liaison between students and administration.

Remuneration:  Contract professors / teachers / mentors will be compensated on a per-student basis
as is customary in the academic community.  It is the board of trustees' desire that adjuncts be
respectfully compensated commensurate with their professional status and accomplishments.

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicant MUST meet these minimum qualifications to be considered:

1)  Two (2) years of college / seminary / Bible school, completion of pastoral, professional Hospice, or
chaplaincy training.

2)  M-Ed, M-Div, or PhD degrees preferred

3)  Applicant MUST possess:
    - Excellent written and communication skills
    - Must own a computer with internet access and have the ability to type and use computers  
    - Must possess demonstrable person-to-person teaching communication skills and "people skills"
    - Must be able to accurately follow instructions and to work collegially with seminary team
    - Must be detail-oriented, accurate, efficient, capable of meeting all deadlines.
    - Must be able to prioritize activities according to seminary administration's protocols and goals
    - Must be responsible self-starter interested in working at home
Preferred Qualifications:   

    -  Preference will be given to a person with demonstrated previous college teaching
    background.  Successful contractor candidates with M-Div, M-Ed, PhD will be given

    -  Applicants with demonstrable / proven ability to present the relevant facts pertaining to the
    college seminary in an honest, ethical, and positive manner
    -  To be able to function as an adjunct member of the academic team through frequent
    appropriately-timed communications with administration
    - The candidate should accurately perform all tasks independently
EEO Statement:    Saint James College Seminary - a Center of Excellence with the non-
denominational interfaith Love Church Worldwide -  is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
employer and extends same to applicants for independent contractor and adjunct positions.  

APPLICATION PROCESS:  Please send resume and Letter of Request to Be Considered to the Office
of the Chancellor:  Please include a phone number and best time for
us to respond if we have further questions.      prof10813