The Women's College Seminary

What can I do with
this degree?
Our Human Affairs
Program offers
certificates and degrees
in Social Justice, Social
Psychology, Peace
Studies, Women's
Rights, Inclusion, and/or

But, what comes next?

Students agree that the
program has intrinsic
value but, as with art
history and classics
the inevitable question is,
"what are my chances of
getting a job when I
    For HAP Graduates:
    Possible employment

  • Teaching.  You may be able to
    obtain a position in another
    seminary, spiritually-based or
    religious school, college, or
    vocational training program
  • Community Organizer
  • Politics - ethical, of course
  • Human Rights Agency
  • Enter a Law School
  • Management in Advocacy Agency
  • Human Rights Agency perhaps
    along the lines of Human Rights
    Watch, Students Against
    Sweatshops, Oxfam, Christian
    Peacemaker Teams, NOW,
    Doctors Without Borders,  Food
    Not Bombs, Greenpeace, Sea
    Shepherd Conservation Society,
    Development and Peace,
    Ecofeminism, NAACP, or
    Amnesty International.  Or, hook
    up with the
  • Writer, Journalist, Public Affairs
  • Ministry, Social Mission
  • Social Worker
  • Community Development or City
  • Environmental Advocate /
  • Renewable Energy
  • NGO - Non-Governmental
  • Conflict Resolution - Negotiator
  • Tenants' Unions
  • Co-ops
  • Minority Issues and Programs
  • Public Health Organization

These are only a few professional
options for our graduates.  We would be
interested in hearing any others you may
be able to suggest.  Thank you!
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    The Human Affair's Program builds in a
    "back up" system for its graduates

    Being a seminary, by law, all of our degrees must
    have a spiritual, ethical, ministerial, or theological
    aspect.  Thus, each carries an inherent dual,
    multi-disciplinary specialization.  When our students
    enroll in a major such as Women's Rights, Peace
    Studies, Workplace Justice or, perhaps, The
    Dilemma of Homelessness, they are also students
    with a "joint major.

    Although a graduates with any of these degrees from
    a secular institution could well be proud their
    academic accomplishments.  But, with The Women's
    College Seminary's HUMAN AFFAIRS PROGRAM,
    students graduate with a diversified degree that may
    prove to be more versatile than a stand-alone
    degree.  Here, certificates and degrees include an
    ministerial - spiritual - pastoral counseling aspect
    that may result in graduates having  broadened
    professional options.

Because our certificates and degrees are automatically interdisciplinary
in nature.  Our programs emphasize spirituality, moral functioning, and
ethics.  The personal growth and heightened sensitivities gained by
HAP students provides them with attributes that exceed students from
other schools who may not graduate with the same highly-desirable

This may well result in our graduates being more attractive to
prospective employers.
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