Provide extraordinary

We welcome your assistance in providing
the extraordinary opportunities offered by
our world-class educational programs.

Your gift will provide an enormous boost
toward our goal of making learning and
discovery available to every student who

Your generosity helps Saint James maintain
the flexibility to meet emerging needs with
exciting initiatives such as our ethics-based
Department of
Environmental Sciences,
Women's Studies, and
our ground-breaking
research in the field of
our renowned certified
training program. Other
possibilities include
    our Kenyan AIDS
    Orphan Education
    Initiative, or our
    African Ministerial
    Ordination Studies

You may designate your gift for our Master
of Social Work (MSW) / Counseling /
Pastoral Counseling certificate and degree
programs.  Or,
perhaps you would
prefer to assist in
the expansion of
our Center for
Returning Service Members and Military
We all know the saying, "it takes a village" and we would be
honored to have you become a vital part of the Saint James
College Seminary community...and to provide a much-
appreciated boost to students who will truly benefit from your

    Because challenging
    circumstances often
    stand in the way of
    obtaining quality
    educations, our
    donation and
    endowment programs
    are vitally important to
    many students.

    If you wish to discuss
    how your generous
    support will have an
    immediate positive
affect in people's lives, please contact Chancellor Janice
Learman.   863-441-3000.

If you wish to make a donation online, we offer the
convenience of personalized and anonymous online forms,

We thank you.
Saint James College Seminary

gift helps
ensure a
Anonymous On-Line Donation
We welcome your financial gift in anonymous
fashion, if this suits your personal needs.

We provide a special information form at the
bottom of this page for those who may wish to
dedicate their gifts to a special purpose.  For
example, you may wish to support women's
issues, chaplain training, business courses,
counseling, etc.  
It is also possible for you to
dedicate a gift to a scholarship fund in your
name or the name of a loved one.  A
sufficiently generous donation may also
qualify the donor to underwrite a program, say,
our business school, in his or her name or the
name of a loved one.
We are grateful for any amount you may offer.

Information requested
If you choose to
provide it,
we will never share your
information with anyone else.  And, we    
will never use it to solicit future donations.  

The information we will seek will enable us to
determine what you wish to finance with your
donation.  You may allocate it toward scholarships,
faculty retention, research, specific programs such as
Women's Studies, our American Chaplain Training
Institute, MBA, MSW studies, etc.  If you wish to
designate your gift to a specific fund or area or to
divide among our various programs, please indicate
your preferences in the "comments" section below.
Thank you!
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We offer an opportunity for
you to help underwrite
programs that will match your interests and
goals reach those who hunger for
knowledge, fulfillment,
and the skills to help change our amazing