Not all women's studies
are radical

and today:

Not all aspects
of today's
Movement" are
At the dawn of
the Age of the
Awakening, the
Suffragettes and
certainly were
considered to be
radical and controversial,
particularly by men.  

Today, feminism as a movement is largely denigrated by men such as "radical
right-wing" commentator Rush Limbaugh with his caustic characterization of the
women's movement as being composed of "feminatzies".  Detractors continue to
bemoan gay and lesbian and gender identity issues.  

The Women's College Seminary's
Institute for Women's Studies is not
designed to be a "hotbed of lesbianism" as America's conservative community  
accuses some progressive schools as being.  Nonetheless, it is important
for women to know their history in order for us to understand who we
are today, and who we may become tomorrow.  

When Christ regularly visited Mary Magdalene's home, and stopped the stoning
of the woman accused of adultery, he was considered
to be a radical.  Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, Victoria Woodhull and other early women's
advocates were also considered radical and were
roundly criticized by the male-dominated press.

Unique among independent women's colleges, we
offer classes covering women's rights, feminism
(both historical and contemporary, gay and lesbian
studies, as well as women's ordination to the ministry
or priesthood, and online degrees, and certificates,
including bachelors, masters, MBA degrees, and
PhD/ Doctorates.

    Today, there is a gathering acceptance of the presence of gays and lesbians
    in American society.  The military is for the first time permitting
    homosexuals of both genders to serve in the armed
    forces.  Forty-two percent of Americans now
    say same sex couples should be allowed to
    legally marry, according to a recent national poll
    conducted by CBS and the New York Times.  
    Six out of every 10 Americans now stand for
    legal recognition for same-sex couples.  The
    trend today is that members of the general
    public are becoming increasingly open-minded,
    seeing homosexuality as a social issue rather
    than a theological one.  Young people in particular tend to demonstrate a
    growing tolerance in terms of LGBT, or Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender
    issues...  In spite of this shift in public opinion, gay and lesbian lifestyles
    continue to be considered sinful by many world religions, including
    Christianity.  This is an important area of study and consideration for a
    women's college-seminary.

    CHRISTIAN FEMINISTS have, of course, also been called radicals.  We'll
    learn how the daring work of Hildegard of Bingen, Anne Hutchinson,
    Katharine Bushnell, Catherine Booth, and Frances Willard have helped to
    win for you rights that you have -- and probably take for granted --

    Women have come a long way but we have so far to go.  Regardless of
    your support -- or lack of support -- for certain aspects of the continuing
    women's movement, we here at The Women's College believe that all
    women need to have a basic understanding of both the historical and
    current events that shade our very existence in the human community.  We
    welcome you, your thoughts, and your feminine wisdom!

The Women's College Seminary
Women's Rights, Feminism, and Hillary Clinton

    First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State...and Women's
    Rights Advocate.  These are only a few of the items that
    appear on Hillary Rodham Clinton's resume
    While particularly well known for her work in the White
    House, in the U.S. Senate, and in the State Department,
    one of Secretary Clinton's lasting achievements may well be
    her work in the field of Women's Advocacy.

    Many of you may recall the passion with which she
    addressed a Beijing, China, United Nations conference in
    1995.  When appointed to serve as secretary of state,
    Clinton used her significant influence to prompt the U.N. to
    establish the position of Ambassador at Large for Global Women's Issues.  Then, she
    opened the right doors and obtained that post for her former chief of staff, Melanne

    Secretary Clinton used the high visibility of her office during a recent 11-day African
    trip to speak out forcefully against the mass rape of women in the Congo.

    An increasing number of prominent women -- and men -- are taking potent stands on
    behalf of equality for women in all areas of human life.  As an adult learner student in
    The Women's College Seminary, you will explore the initiatives being done to bring
    about this important evolution.  And, you will gain important new tools for helping to
    bring this new era to fruition.

Today'sFeminists are

The days of our
marching for the right
to vote are in our past
(in  Western nations).

The days of
angrily burning
bras in our
parents' time is
behind us.

Today, we must
work to change
the systems that
preclude us from
sharing our minds,
talents, and souls
equally with men
to bring about an
equitable future
for ourselves ...
and our daughters.


Remember those stories
about your grandmother not
being allowed to vote or
open her own bank

That is all in the past, right?

No!  No, it is NOT!

An administrator here at
The Women's College
Seminary contemplated
changing her automotive
insurance from Geico to the
heavily-advertised 21st
Century company.

All was going well until the
company representative
insisted that
the policy
must be in her husband's

She told the company that
her husband had his own
car with his own insurance
and that he would not be
driving her vehicle, but she
was told that it is company
policy that
ALL policies of
married couples MUST be
in the husband's name ...
not in the name of the wife

No exceptions.

This is one of the issues
involving treatment of
women that the women of
today will have to address
in order that our daughters
may enjoy true equality in
the future.
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