deserve profitability!
    There are many exceptional entrepreneurial
    programs available at top American and
    international universities.  We are not Harvard
    or Yale or the Wharton School of Business.

    Yet, we offer something unique, something
    that fills a niche in the crowded field of
    business and entrepreneurial education....

    Our program's genesis was also a "start-up".  

    The idea originated with students asking for
    ways to expand their horizons and
    competencies in arenas such as business,
    human services, and not-for-profit agencies.  
    We could offer a spiritual dimension not
    offered elsewhere .  Today, we are thought to
be the only college or university level seminary-based business and entrepreneurial school on earth.

    The concept began to germinate in our business management (MBA
    program) and in our pastoral management department.  Our
    administration and faculty realized that, being a seminary college, we
    are well positioned to offer training that encapsulates principles that are
    central to both sound business management as well as the spiritual and
    ethical elements not typically found elsewhere..  

    With steady encouragement from our trustees, they devised an adult
    learner-based curriculum that lends itself to our world-class online Fast-
    Track educational model.  

    We help our students plumb the depths of their hearts to decide
    whether or not they really possess the personal attributes required to
    succeed in entrepreneurial ventures.

    We incorporate initial steps to take as well as offer essential  material
    on avoiding common mistakes that lead to failure.  We help you develop
a Business Plan / Road Map to Personal Success.  And, we include powerful assistance in developing
affordable marketing tools.  There's even psychological advice from our Social Work and Counseling

For more information, please fill out our no-obligation Information-Application form. We'll send additional
details by return email.  
We are as excited about helping you launch and operate your venture
successfully as you are!
next steps
Do you want to start
your own venture...or is
the economy making it

Perhaps you have a life-long
desire to "be your own boss".  
Or, maybe the nation's current
economic woes are forcing you
to begin considering going into
the business for yourself.

Either way, our
Center for
Entrepreneurial Excellence
may be able to help.

This program is jointly-offered
by Saint James College Seminary
and our sister school,
The Women's College Seminary.

Earn a degree...or a

We provide both certificate and
degree options that will help your
decide whether or not to begin a to build it if you
do...pitfalls to
techniques...and how to do these
things while still enjoying life!
The Saint James College
Seminary Center for
Excellence offers
affordable online studies,
interest-free tuition
financing, and an
interdisciplinary package
drawing on the most
exciting aspects of our
MBA, Social
Work/Counseling, Center
for Ethical Studies, the
Social Justice Human
Affairs Program (HAP),
Global Saint James,
Parish Management, and
online Home Study

Our team has assembled a world-class
educational initiative that assists global students
with business, church, not-for-profit, and NGO
ventures featuring incentive, innovation,
knowledge, incubator atmosphere, and constant
assistance from a personally-assigned,
entrepreneurially-experienced, faculty mentor.

We provide hands-on ideas and skill sets for would-be
entrepreneurs, assistance and knowledge required to start
a business, incubation of business ideas, and funding
business ideas and innovation. We'll help with everything
from the original concept, through writing an effective
business plan, affordable marketing, strategy
development, ethical management skills, and executive