Saint James College Seminary:  Chaplain Tools
CPE's -- Clinical Pastoral Education Units for Chaplains
our CPE's are Clinical Pastoral Education units.
Our well-intended trustees decided to call our
CPE's "Chaplain Professional Education" units to
separate ourselves from the many other programs
out there.  While most are reputable, the internet
being what it is, there is also a plethora of
sub-standard (even fraudulent) "chaplain training"
programs on the internet.

Unfortunately, while our trustees' hearts were in the
right place, the decision has led to confusion.  We
are re-doing all our materials to call our CPE's what
they are:  Clinical Pastoral Education units.

By the way, even though there are some truly
exceptional chaplain training programs operating,
to our knowledge, we are the only one that:

* is part of a fully-chartered college seminary
* offers very affordable tuition
* provides interest-free tuition financing for those
who require this special assistance
* and, we provide each student not only with CPEs
but also with lifetime Certified Professional Chaplain
* we extend to our graduates the option of going on
to achieve Certified Profesional Griefworker studies

and, finally, we offer college seminary divinity
degrees with majors specific to chaplaincy