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Questions?  Comments?  Any Suggestions?  What
would like to study at the seminary?  Becoming a
Certified Professional Chaplain?  Becoming a fully
Ordained member of the clergy?  CPE units?  
Certified Griefworker?  Become a Pastoral
Counselor?  Learn about Animal Ministry?  Pastoral or
Parish Management?  Women's Studies and/or
Abuse Studies?  Earn a Bachelors Degree, Master of
Divinity, Master of Theology, Master of Ministry,
Master of Chaplaincy?  Or, to earn a doctorate degree
in one of these fields, or an advanced degree in the
area of spiritual service?
Saint James Seminary  Ordination studies, CPE, Chaplaincy
Work from home on your
own time
at your own
Title: Mr, Ms, Mrs, Pastor, Rev., other
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I am interested in the following (it is fine to select more than one button) Chaplaincy Training
Ordination to clergy
Griefworker Training
Earn CPE units
Bachelors degree
Masters degree
Doctoral degree
Women's Studies
Social Justice
Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Management
Social Worker
Elder Chaplaincy
Fire/PD/EMT Chaplaincy
Spiritual Formation
Animal Ministry
Small Radio/TV station
Faith? (Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Other:
Denomination (Okay if none)
Occupation (if any):
Job Title or Description of your Duties:
Seeking a Promotion in Current Job? Yes
maybe - Undecided
Seeking a Career Change? Yes
Maybe - undecided
I am seriously considering enrolling in an online course at a seminary Yes
Please consider sending a RESUME. It would help us if we could see your background collected in one convenient place. Even if you have only an older version of a resume, that is fine! We are only going to use it as an outline as to how you "got here" and as a means of helping us understand ways we might be able to assist you as you move forward with your career. Thank you!
Name of EMPLOYER (official company name). Please estimate year started working there
Education: If you did not complete High School, please share that information. Give details, only if desired. Not completing high school will NOT exclude you from enrollment in the seminary
Technical school or special studies: Describe, please. Also, did you complete these studies? Give the year you concluded these studies:
Bachelor's Degree - major - did you complete? How many credits did you earn?
Exact name(s) of College or University where you earned Bachelors - if applies. What was your major? Year graduated:
Master's degree - major - did you complete? How many credits earned?
Exact name of Masters college/university -- and department name (if applies)
Doctoral studies - major - completed? Current status
Please attach a RESUME if available
I will be able to pay my full tuition upon enrolling (typical) Yes
NOTE: To obtain interest-free tuition financing you MUST document need. Options: statement of income vs. expenses, or statement of funds available each month after meeting your needs, or submit current tax form. If you send a tax form, block SSN, bank account #'s, other personal info as we do not collect sensitive data. Once we have documentation, Finance Dept. will evaluate your eligibility for this aid. Thank you for helping make this important program a means of serving truly deserving applicants I will require interest-free tuition financing and can supply documentation of need
I could pay one-half at time of enrollment if I have the option of making monthly payments after beginning my studies. I understand that if I am able to submit one-half of my total tuition obligation at the time of my enrollment, the requirement for furt
One final detail and then you're done. Please give us a description of the type of studies you hope to enroll in at the seminary. And, of course, please use this space to ask any questions you may have!
Other things you would like to bring to our attention:
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