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Discussion about Charter and Accreditation

Saint James College Seminary is owned by the fully-chartered Love Church
Saint James is an educational department of The Love Church Worldwide.

    The Love Church is a religious denomination,
    along the same lines as the United Methodist
    Church, Presbyterian Church, Baptist churches,
    even the Roman Catholic Church, etc.  Just as
    the Catholic Church owns universities (such as
    Notre Dame), The Love Church Worldwide
    operates Saint James College Seminary, The
    Women's College Seminary, and The American
    Chaplain Training Institutes as educational
    divisions.  This is consistent with TLC's Mission
    and Articles of Incorporation.

    Saint James College Seminary is a
    department/Center of Educational Excellence of
    at the fully-chartered inter-faith denomination,
    The Love Church Worldwide communion.  The
    program is owned and operated by the inter-faith
    Love Church Worldwide.

The inclusive church is chartered by the government as a religious denomination.

The difference between secular
and ecclesiastical degrees

Saint James College Seminary's degrees
are as legitimate as those conferred by
secular colleges and universities...with
primary important differences

Degrees earned at non-regionally-
accredited seminaries  will typically be
of value to

* Clergy - ministers, priests, and rabbis

* Teachers in religious or parochial /
private schools

* People involved with not-for-profit
agencies, NGO's, religious institutions,
and secular programs where a degree
with a spiritual / ethical  / religious /
mission / ministerial basis will add to
non-secular professional and academic

2)  Degrees conferred by seminary
such as ours will not normally
be accepted by state governments for
purposes of professional licensing. This
includes but is not limited to registered
nurses, social workers, dietitians, etc.

However, if you are already licensed, say
as an RN or chiropractor, the
spiritually-ethically-religiously based
degree you earn here will not be required  
for state licensing since you are already
licensed.  In this case, the knowledge that
you gain here may well satisfy your need
or desire for a higher level of education
and indication of professional achievement
as well as ability to be of greater service.
We are exempt from
regional accreditation:

Seminaries are not required to apply
for the extraordinarily expensive regional
accreditation by an agency recognized by
the U.S.Department of Commerce.

We are chartered by our Department of
State. Our parent institution, The
Church Worldwide is incorporated as a
not-for-profit church organization by the
Florida Department of State.  (The federal
government does not charter churches or
colleges and universities;  this obligation falls
to the states.)

Our registration number is: N04000001179.

We are registered with and approved by
Dunn and Bradstreet as an official seminary
of a chartered not-for-profit global church
DUNS #:03-754-7287

We are in good standing.

    CAUTION!   Sadly, there are many so-called "colleges" online that falsely imply that
    they are accredited.  Worse, some have even created their own "accreditation agencies" to
    "accredit" themselves!  Beware of such scams.  

    Saint James College Seminary is a fully-
    chartered not-for-profit institution through its
    parent religious denomination, The Love Church
    Worldwide. However, there are prospective
    students whose academic needs we cannot
    meet.  Some people require diplomas from
    regionally-accredited schools.

    Nonetheless, our affordable tuition rates (among the lowest of any college or university
    anywhere), our interest-free student loans, our Fast-Track Adult Learner programs, our
    strict inter-faith policy, and our world-class academic offerings...all may prove to be the
    ideal learning and certification experience for you.  Choose wisely!

    If you would like more information about our college seminary or any of our majors, please
    feel free to request it by filling out the no-obligation Information / Application form.  We
    would be happy to assist you in any way possible.
Saint James College Seminary
and The Love Church Worldwide

An examination of accreditation and licensing in greater detail:

It is the prerogative of  Religious Seminaries, Christian Private Schools, Bible Colleges and Seminaries elect to decline to be governed by the U.S.
Department of Education and to decline to seek the Regional Accreditation which is more typical of  Secular Colleges and Universities.  
Religious/Christian Educational Ministries are automatically exempt from the regulatory authority of state and federal government and secular
accreditation agencies.  Saint James College Seminary is further exempt as an educational department of the fully-chartered institution,
The Love
Church Worldwide

Seminary accreditation:  The value of any religious-spiritual-ethical accredited seminary college of university is subjective and must be determined
by the individual seeking certificate of degree education from such an institution.   Some considerations are the quality of the educational product, the
amount of student time and effort expended, the individual student's spiritual beliefs/affiliation, as well as external social, political, and economic
marketplace circumstances that may prevail upon graduation.

Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FL Statutes
Students considering our program should understand that is is common for churches, Seminaries, Seminary Colleges, Christian Private Schools, and
Bible Colleges to opt not to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education and, thus, decline seek Regional Accreditation.  (As noted above, this
form of  accreditation is most typically sought by among Secular Colleges and Universities.  Religious/Christian Educational Ministries are
automatically exempt from the authority of state and federal governmental as well as the secular accreditation agencies that we have been discussing.)

It is common practice for theological colleges and universities, and seminaries to determine the scope and type
of education to be provided. It is also their prerogative to establish their own criteria for granting, accepting, and
recognizing seminary credits, whether from their institution or from other seminaries or religious educational

Saint James College Seminary, through its parent, The Love Church Worldwide, is registered by the government as
described above.  Our program seeks to offed world-class ministerial education for students who are pursuing
spiritual-religious-ministerial certificates and degrees.  It is important to note that religious seminaries are permitted to
extend educational offering that may have secular value and application, but that they
must be ministerial-spiritual in

State of Florida

Saint James College Seminary is organized as a not-for-profit religious corporation by the Florida Department of State and operates as a certificate
and degree-granting educational institution through exemption by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under the
authority of  Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes. Florida, as is common in other states, does not require accreditation or theological accreditation
for institutions of religious/seminary education.

A religious college may operate without governmental oversight if the college annually verifies by sworn affidavit to the commission that:
1. The name of the institution includes a religious modifier or the name of a religious patriarch, saint, person, or symbol of the church.
2. The institution offers only educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the
categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.
3. The titles of degrees issued by the institution cannot be confused with secular degree titles. For this purpose, each degree title must include a
religious modifier that immediately precedes, or is included within, any of the following degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of
Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education. The religious modifier must be placed
on the title line of the degree, on the transcript, and whenever the title of the degree appears in official school documents or publications.
4. The duration of all degree programs offered by the institution is consistent with the standards of the commission.
5. The institution’s consumer practices are consistent with those required by s. 1005.04.

The commission may provide such a religious institution a letter stating that the institution has met the requirements of state law and is not subject
to governmental oversight.

    In Saint James College Seminary's case,
    "who accredits whom?"

    As we explain on this page, regionally accredited schools accept each other's
    students.  Being a seminary, WE ARE THE ACCREDITING AGENCY for
Ordination, Pastoral Counseling, Certified Chaplaincy, and other ecclesiastical designations.  Our degrees may or may not
be accepted by other colleges.  That is determined by the other institution, not by us.  
However, Certification
programs are not accredited in the same way that degrees are and, to our knowledge, no one has ever
declined to accept our education, certificates/diplomas.

Our parent organization, the non-denominational Love Church Worldwide's mission is one of world class spiritual-ethical
education.  As an example, our
American Chaplain Training Institute is thought to be the second-largest and (and possibly
the most commonly accepted) chaplaincy education program in the United States or Canada...and it is the
only such
educational service associated with a college-seminary.

We are the agency that accredits chaplains, conferring Certification on those who successfully complete our studies,
including the Fast-Track online Adult Learner curriculum.  

While we cannot promise that the business or agency for whom you wish to work will accept our certification, we can tell
you that no graduate has ever returned to tell us that the meticulously-presented information obtained here was not useful
to them.